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About MUSD

Local Education Agency Plan (LEA Plan)

School Accountability Report Cards
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The Montebello Unified School District is a learning organization guided by six goals and objectives:

  • Raising student performance
  • Building positive relationships
  • Being client focused
  • Maintaining safe, clean and attractive schools
  • Maximizing fiscal resources
  • Optimizing the use of our facilities


Together...We Can Do It!

Announcement Inviting Applications for a Provisional Appointment to the Board of Education

The purpose of this notice is to invite citizens, who meet the legal mandates, to submit a statement (not exceeding 200 words) regarding their interest in the position and their desire to serve the students of the Montebello Unified School District.

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UNUM Long Term Care (MUSD Employees Only)

If you are filing a claim for LTC, Please contact the District’s agent:
Harris Kivitz-Advanced Resources Marketing
253 Stoneway Lane
Merion Station, PA 19066
215-901-7905 cell
Mr. Kivits is an expert in making sure the forms are completed accurately! Click here for details.

Bullying Prevention Policy

The Montebello Unified School District Board of Education recently adopted a Bullying Prevention Policy. The district believes that all students have the right to a safe and healthy school environment. The district is being proactive in implementing a district-wide bullying prevention program to reduce and prevent problems and to improve peer relationships.

No Bullying Poster
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